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Instead of sharing files and links using direct device-to-device connections over Bluetooth or WiFi, SnapLinx uses a patent-pending server-based approach as illustrated below.

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1. Upon user command to share a file or link through SnapLinx, SnapLinx manages the upload of the file or link over a WiFi or cellular data connection to a remote server.

2. The user then commands SnapLinx to transmit one-way SnapLinx Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertisements with a file/link ID, which can be received by nearby smartphones with SnapLinx installed to provide notifications on the receiving smartphones.


3. Clicking on a notification will download and open the file or link in a viewer.


SnapLinx is available as a free app for iOS 13+ and Android 8+ smartphones. Files and links stored on the remote server are accessible for 12 hours before being automatically deleted and may be manually deleted by the sender. The file size limit is 2MB, and up to four files or links may be stored on the server at a time.

SnapLinx offers several advantages over file or link transfers using direct device-to-device connections, such as iOS AirDrop: a sending smartphone can reach both Android and iOS smartphones with SnapLinx installed, all users of nearby smartphones that receive a notification can immediately and simultaneously download the shared file or link over WiFi or cellular data, or can download the shared file or link for up to 12 hours after receiving a notification, even if they are no longer within the BLE range of the sending smartphone.

Use SnapLinx to share presentation files and links in a meeting or conference or photos in a gathering:

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